Gadget Vs Gadget

Are you Canadian? Do you have a cool idea for a gadget, whether it be a sidebar gadget or web ( gadget? Does it involve a Windows Live service? Would you like to own a nice new 40″ Widescreen LCD TV, and XBOX 360 or a 24″ Dell Monitor? If you can say yes to all four of these, then you should most definitely enter Canadian MSDN‘s Gadget Vs Gadget competition.

The competition is running from 14th May until the 16th July 2007 and entries must be submitted to the Canadian Windows Live Gallery before end of business on that day for it to be eligible. There are, of course, other rules, so be sure to read them all.

I’m hoping that if this goes well, other locales might start doing the same sort of competition and really start promoting Windows Live development and really get it out there. So if you meet all the criteria above, get your thinking caps on, your copies of Visual Studio fired up, and your imagination set to overdrive.


Edit: My mistake, it’s only sidebar gadgets, not web gadgets.