Windows Live FolderShare Beta – there is still hope

Looks like there is a ray of hope for those FolderShare users who’ve been out in the cold since Microsoft’s acquisiton of ByteTaxi back at the end of the 2005. Apart from a partial rebrand to Windows Live, there hasn’t been much to get exicted about, but that may be about to change.

A new FolderShare page on and a public foldershare newsgroup with some activity shows that FolderShare is getting some attention internally, suggesting that it may be a questions of when, not if, there is a new beta build.

To recap:

“FolderShare is a Windows Live Service that allows people to share their files with their friends, family & co-workers, and synchronize files across multiple devices. People can also access their files from anywhere on the web.”

So how does this compare to Microsoft’s other known storage products?
 – Windows Live FolderShare provides remote access to files via a web browser and also synching capabilities similar to that of Messenger’s Shared Folders.
 – Windows Live Folders is a cloud storage service, allowing you to store your files at a Microsoft datacenter thereby providing access to your files even if your home PC is turned off.
Windows Home Server provides remote access to files via a web browser and mapped drive access if you are on the same network

You can try out FolderShare at