Internet Explorer 7 optimized for MSN!

Although Yahoo! and Google have already released an “optimized” version of Windows
Internet Explorer for their services, MSN has followed suit by releasing a version with it’s line of
products and services.  They include:

  • Quick access to your MSN Content and Features
  • Customized MSN links, feeds and favorites
  • as your home page
  • Windows Live Toolbar
  • Live Search set as your default search provider

Yahoo! was
actually the first to release a branded WIE 7 during beta 2, but Google soon followed
It’s common for Internet service providers to release a branded IE, in fact MSN
Internet Access would include Internet Explorer on CDs since it’s launch in
1995, but usually the only customizations included Favorites, a button perhaps,
and “Internet Explorer provided by MSN” at the top of each window.  Once MSN
Explorer launched, there was no need for customizations, and very few ISPs,
including AOL, continued to brand IE to death.

However, now Internet portals are doing an extensive makeover to WIE, by
including their own toolbar software and other plug-ins, much like they do during Instant Messenger installation.  Windows Vista users can even have
their WIE “optimized” since all it does is install Windows Live Toolbar and
apply a WIE Administration Kit.  In fact, if you don’t want the toolbar, but
want an “optimized” WIE, you can cancel the toolbar install.  Windows Internet
Explorer Optimized for MSN
sounds so much better, doesn’t it? will be including an inline popup to advertise, but for more info
check out the site and
release notes [there are known issues].  Also, be sure to
submit any feedback
and support issues.


PS–Unfortunately MSN doesn’t install MSNBC News in a second tab like Yahoo! and Google do with
their respective news site.

Thanks to Alber1960.