Register Your Address – No Hacks Involved [Unavailable Now]

I just went to register a new hotmail address, so I went to, clicked on Sign Up, selected a free account, and what did I get presented with? Well, this:


Upon investigation, it looks to only be the domain at the moment and can only be accessed from a browser showing as English (US). However, if you are more than happy with an (not, etc), then go to and register your address now smile_regular.

The other interesting thing to note is that you can no longer register for an address, so looks like they might be moving away from that.

Update: Well, it appears the US one has gone offline now, that link now redirects to but the UK link now works (which offers an address)… So it could be that they are just cycling through the different markets at the moment. If the links go offline, then simply follow the process I did, and you might get lucky.

Update 2: Looks like even following my original steps now puts you back at the original So if you got your address, well done. If not, the wait continues I’m afraid.