@live Address Registration – part 42 [Does not work now]

Update: This method does not work now. We’ll keep you posted on when they become available again.

Last week we briefly saw the @live.com registration open for an hour and just as quickly got closed. Unfortunately, at that time, a lot of you didn’t get chance to register your @live.com address. Well, try again smile_wink 

  1. Go to www.hotmail.com, click on Sign up, and choose a free account, as before.
  2. Now, you will be taken to a signup page that shows an @hotmail.com domain for your email address.
  3. Go to the address bar, make hmnewuser.aspx read newuser.aspx and look along until you see &hm=1, after removing that hit enter.
  4. Your @hotmail magically becomes @live.

So, for example, https://signup.live.com/hmnewuser.aspx?mkt=en-us&revipc=US&ts=3967950&sh=62Zm&hm=1&ru=http%3a%2f%2fmail.live.com%2f%3fnewuser%3dyes&rx=http%3a%2f%2fget.live.com%2fmail%2foverview&rollrs=04&lic=1 



(this second link probably won’t work, but just follow the instructions). Good luck.