Spaces Gets A Slight Update

image Windows Live Spaces just released is releasing tonight a small update to their popular blogging and social networking service. The update includes the following features:

  • Broader availability – jumping from 34 markets to 42
  • Birthday notifications option on your Live contacts
  • Ability to re-order list modules – Like your favourite books list for example
  • Home Page Upgrades – Upgrades to
  • New User Space Allocation – Windows Live customers will have a Windows Live Space automatically created for them upon signing up for a Windows Live ID.

So nothing massively new with this update, but always good to see that the team are still working on new things.

Also today, the Expo team made a small announcement on their blog showing the new feature they implemented: anonymous messaging.

Go to their post to read more about it.

And as always, don’t forget that if you have any tips regarding Spaces, or any other aspect of Windows Live, you can always email us at tips[at]liveside[dot]net.