A sneak peek at Gatineau, Microsoft’s web analytics tool

Gatineau, Microsoft’s web analytics tool, looks like it is getting close to seeing the light of day.  Apparently after an adChamps briefing in London, an attendee, Dave Naylor, got hold of some Gatineau screenshots and posted them.  Then Ian Thomas, who is “responsible for bringing Microsoft’s new web analytics solution, codenamed Gatineau, to market”, rather than scurry about trying to get the screenshots taken down, did the right thing and just posted some good information about Gatineau, how to sign up for the alpha testing, and promising more soon.


Gatineau will allow users, once they have set up a profile and added a tracking script to their blog or website, to:

  • View reports
  • Manage goals
  • Manage campaigns

Of course it’s quite similar to Google’s Analytics product (which has been recently revamped, to mixed reviews), but apparently Gatineau will be able to leverage Live ID information (without using any PII – personally idenitifiable information) to offer demographic information.




Dave Naylor “Can’t beat a good rank

Ian Thomas “Lies, Damned Lies

Email to Gatineau for (limited) beta access