Spaces site unavailable after the upgrade? Here’s the workaround

Our new friend Belem, a Chinese Spaces MVP from Beijing, alerted us tonight to a workaround to an annoying little problem for a select few Spaces users, which has appeared after the “M2” update.  Apparently a number of users are reporting that their spaces are unavailable.  According to Belem’s info, this is because the Windows Media Player module is set to “invisible”.  So for anyone with the Windows Media Player module installed on their space and set to “invisible” before the update, that site is now “unavailable, but there’s a pretty easy workaround:



To get your Space back, follow these steps:

0. Sign in passport

1. Go to “http://<youralias> ” (no quotes, insert your spaces name)

2. Change “Display mode” as full — DO NOT Set “Display mode” as Invisible

3. Save

That’s it.  Belem says the bug should be fixed soon, but until then set your WMP to full and get back to your space.