Financial Analyst Meeting 2007: Windows Live Suite, Live ID, and Cloud Infrastructure

As you may or may not know, Microsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting wrapped up a few days ago.  There were a few important points for Windows Live that were talked about, so let’s jump right into that.

Windows Live Suite
Kevin Johnson, President of Microsoft’s Services and Platforms Division announced that they will be releasing a Windows Live Suite.  Basically, the Windows Live Suite is a collection of services and applications that are bundled together in one single download.  For example, you may download the Suite and have the option to install all or just a few of the Windows Live applications like Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, and Writer.  If this sounds familiar, that’s because Google did that about a year and a half ago with Google Pack.  The concept here though is that it will be an essential download for anyone who is setting up their new computer since a couple of the applications offer upgrades to existing Vista applications.

Windows Live Cloud Infrastructure
Also, last week Mary Jo Foley reported that Steve Ballmer has coined a new buzzword: Windows Live Cloud Infrastructure.  Windows Live Cloud Infrastructure is essentially going to be the backend to Windows Live Core.  So now that they are starting to talk about these things, maybe some more details will begin to emerge about the ever mysterious Windows Live Core.

Among the other things that were talked about was Live ID.  They made a point to stress the importance of Live ID in the scheme of Windows Live, part of which is that Live ID allows for more targeted ads.

If you want some more information on the Financial Analyst Meeting, be sure to check out David Hunter’s wrap-up