LiveSide Wave 3.0 Is Here


Chris noted that Wave 2 of the Windows Live products and services is fully underway with new updates coming in the future, well, I would like to announce the release of Wave 3 of

As you should now be able to see, we have had a slight facelift. But with this change not only comes a new interface, but we have also changed things on the backend, moving from Community Server 2.1 to Community Server 2007 which should provide better features in the future and also better reliability.

So why Wave 3? Well, we like to stay ahead of the game smile_wink Now, for those of you who like our new logo we have some stickers that we will be giving away soon, but details for that will come later. In the meantime though, we would love to hear your thoughts and views on Wave 3, so if you have any suggestions, things you don’t like, anything like that, head on over to /forums/t/1262.aspx (Poll Closed) where you can express them to us.

On behalf of the rest of the Liveside team, welcome.