Liveside Wave 3.1


Yesterday we released a newly redesigned  In the poll, about 50% of you voted that it needed work.

Well after a days worth of work, I’ve managed to make of the suggested themes into a CS 2007 theme.  There’s still some bugs, but they should be iron’d out soon.

The new look sports a new Navigation Menu, some more colors, and some fixed bugs. Including the Next 10 Posts on the main page.  The right sidebar has also been updated, having it’s Stay Informed Split in 3.

Anyhow, the new poll for Try 2 is available from /forums/p/1266/3813.aspx#3813, in our Poll section.

Reactions, comments, praise, and more are all welcome.

On behalf of the Liveside Team, Thanks for your time and feedback from yesterday, welcome to Wave 3.1