Windows Live Folders not final name for cloud storage service – Windows Live Skydrive instead?

Some things just seem to keep reappearing like a bad penny, and for Windows Live its undoubtedly the naming strategy. Since the Folders beta was expanded earlier this week, the login page has referenced the service as Windows Live Skydrive. As we’ve talked about previously, Skydrive was the codename for the cloud storage service while it was in initial development. We managed to get the following official comment:

“Windows Live Folders has always been a placeholder name only and will not be the final name of the service when it ultimately launches.  We are not able to publicly confirm any name beyond Windows Live Folders at this time; however, Windows Live Folders is in beta, and in addition to gathering input and making changes to the service, Microsoft will update the name as well.”

So will Skydrive be the final name or not? It definitely ranks along the new “cool” names of Popfly and Silverlight, however it seem an unusual step to use a codename for a final product name. Even more so when you consider the current Senior Vice President for Windows and Windows Live allegedly dislikes codenames, but lets not start Long Zheng bashing him again. 

To wrap it all off, yes the domain has now started working.