LiveSide Now With Live ID Goodness

What’s going on here?! Two sign in buttons?

Don’t fret, you’re not seeing a bug, it’s the new Windows Live ID SSO addon I’ve built for Community Server.

You can now choose how to sign into, via the normal sign in page or via Windows Live ID. This is a slightly hacked way of doing it, which means you’re actually associating your Liveside account with a Live ID, but once that’s done, you’ll be able to sign in via Windows Live ID instead.

If you haven’t associated you’ll be greeted with this (which explains it better):


Have a play, it should be mostly intuitive.


1. Signing in with your Live ID at any site except LiveSide will not log you into LiveSide. Only authenticated sites can do that unfortunately, and that costs money :( 

2. Signing out of Live ID anywhere will then sign you out of LiveSide. So if like us you have multiple Live IDs, this will happen quite often. You probably don’t want to associate your LiveSide account with Live ID then until they allow you to link multiple Live IDs together. Of course if you don’t sign out, you’ll be fine.

3. There is no option to disassociate yet. If you want to change your associated Live ID, sign in via LiveSide (the link is in the top right hand corner) but this time use the new Live ID.