Live ID sneaks in Info Card right under our noses

We’ve been telling you about Info Card for quite a while, but in all the excitement (and a few bugs to iron out) surrounding the new Live ID associations with LiveSide Community Server log in, it took us a minute to notice that Info Cards are live and working, and right here on LiveSide!

A note on the naming (hey it’s Microsoft, you knew this was coming, right?): The current name for the cards seems to be “Information Card”, formerly Info Card, and while we and others noticed a name change to “CardSpace”, that seems to be the name of the Information Card manager.

WindowClipping (7)


Here’s how to get started with Information Cards:

Start by clicking on the Windows Live ID “Sign In” at the top right of our home page (you may have to sign out first)

  1. First you need to set up an Information Card.  In the text above “Sign in with:…”, click on “Information Card”
  2. Then click on “Sign In”:

WindowClipping (8)

  3.  Click on the Live ID you want to build an Information Card for, verify your password, and customize your Info Card:


  4.  For right now, the only personal information you can store is a name and a picture.  That will change, however, as the help file shows:



  5.  Next, to sign in with the Information Card, choose it from the drop down box in your Live ID sign in:


And that’s it!  Not very useful yet, but fun!

We’ll have more of course as the Information Cards become more functional, but for now, about the only place you can get one is on LiveSide! (and heck, we almost didn’t notice ourselves!)

Update: Long tells me this isn’t fully working for him (he can create a card (in Windows IE7), but can’t sign in with it, so it may be US only (??)