Bebo partners with Windows Live

Microsoft looks to have added another company to its growing group of Windows Live partners with Reuters reporting that Bebo is to use the platform for its social networking site. Recently declared the largest social networking service in the UK, and reputedly having 36million users globally, Bebo will add Windows Live integration by allowing its users to export and import their contacts into Bebo. Users will also be able to put an “IM Me” link on their profiles if they use the Windows Live services.

Chris Jones was quoted by Reuters, ending the piece with the line “It starts with the contact list.” Microsoft’s biggest advantage over Google and Yahoo is Live ID, and the centralised contact store (ABCH) ties in strongly with this. With the developer aspect of Windows Live improving rapidly, it may not be too long before we see other social networking sites using this for their own benefit. As Brandon says, Live ID web authentication and the Contacts Control both look very promising parts of the Windows Live platform.

On an aside, Bebo search is currently powered by Yahoo. It’ll be interesting to see if that changes anytime soon.