Live ID with CardSpace support announced as in beta

Yes the Information Card support in Live ID v5 we’ve been raving about has now been announced. To recap, CardSpace, and the Information Cards it manages, allows you to log into a website without entering your password, reducing the risk of both phishing attacks and keyloggers. Angus Logan gives a great walkthrough showing how to enable this Information Card support (I count 16 screenshots!) and includes a Channel9 video not yet posted on the main site.

Another key way to reduce phishing scams is by using certificates to verify the identity of websites, which as Bink spotted is why now shows a green address bar for IE7 users (Firefox gives me a yellow address bar?). Unfortunately this only appears when using the Enhanced Signin option (https), though with all the wifi sniffing demoes going on in recent months this is something you should consider setting as default.

For those noticing the increase in Windows Live content coming out of Microsoft, Catherine Heller is the person responsible for organising all these Channel9 and On10 videos. On the topic of Live ID, there is a recent one that discusses the Web Authentication SDK. If you want to subscribe to all the Windows Live videos, here’s the Channel9 feed and On10 also.

To wrap it all up, for those with multiple Live IDs who want to link them together, the response seems to be “Stay tuned 🙂” – that smiley face is Catherine’s, not mine 😉