64 Bit Systems And The New Live Installer: A Solution

It has been discovered since the launch of the Live Installer yesterday that there is an apparent bug that prevents it from being installed on 64 bit systems. Now the programs themselves will run on x64 systems, it’s the installer itself where the problem lies.

If you are running a x64 system and want to try the new Live builds, there are three suggestions:

  1. Use the Hex editor hack found at http://www.anti-tgtsoft.com/?p=14
  2. If you know someone who has installed the WL Suite, give them the instructions below to get the installers;
  3. If you have access to an x86 machine yourself, download them and get the files yourself.

To access the files, do the following:

  • Go to C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileAppDataLocalWindowsLiveInstallerMsiSources
  • In that folder are all the msi installers for the products you selected to install, we just have to work out which one is which. Fortunately, we can:
    Windows Live Writer
    Windows Live Messenger
    Windows Live Sign-In Assistant
    Windows Live Mail
    Windows Live Toolbar
    Windows Live Photo Gallery

Running those on the x64 system should bypass the x64 check and they should install for you fine.