Microsoft holds Search PR event on September 26th to announce Search 2.0

Following on from the PR escapades of this week, it seems as though Microsoft are at it again, this time with Live Search. An invite only event called Searchification is taking place at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus on September 26th, to talk about “the future of the product”. Can anybody say rebrand?

Given we aren’t professional bloggers, we probably won’t be attending, which will spare you the live blogging of a Microsoft PR event. Maybe we can find somebody willing to guest blog it though as Microsoft will probably be inviting nearly every tech blogger under the sun (sorry WaggEd not you – we aren’t the WSJ).

PR aside, it’ll be interesting to see how the features stack up against the advances Google has made in the last year. And then there is the new user interface…

Update: Kip wants to add some more people to our stickers collection. SVC you have been warned!