Sinofsky shows LiveSide some love


It’s a pretty well known fact that Steven Sinofsky, SVP for Windows and Windows Live, has set a precedent of being tight-lipped at Windows Live when it comes to talking to bloggers.  Well, that’s why we were pleasantly surprised when this picture dropped into our inbox tonight.  It looks like Steven has had a change of heart and decided to show his support for the Windows Live community.  For a big exec. like Mr. Sinofsky to be behind what we’re doing, that just justifies this whole crazy project. 

Well, we’re all very excited about this, so if any of our Softie readers spot other LiveSide stickers around the offices, feel free to send them in.  Mr. Sinofsky, if you want to send in a picture of you with your LiveSide sticker, we’d be happy to put it up on the map.

Check out the picture in all of its full-res glory in my SkyDrive folder (the office number has been blurred out to protect the innocent).