Live Maps: Create a collection, help the team

Steve Lombardi posted today on the Virtual Earth / Live Maps blog with a request for help:

For our next release we have some pretty neat Collection enhancements coming and could use your help right now in preparation. Helping is easy! All I need you to do is create a Collection showing off your neighborhood to share with others. Collect your favorite movie theater, the new park, the best club for electronic duos, the dog park,  the must avoid and overhyped bistro, etc…, Tag it ‘MyHood’, and send it to me.


The “me” being Steve Lombardi, SteveLom at Microsoft dot com.  Actually Steve lists 3 ways to get him the collections:

  • Email him: SteveLom at Microsoft dot com
  • Post it to the comments on his blog entry
  • View your Collection on the public viewer. As long as you have it tagged properly as MyHood, all you need to do is paste the link for your Collection in your browser. I’ll be able to grab a report of all Collections with that tag and your will be included

And tell him LiveSide sent ya!  Speaking of which, I just added the “MyHood” tag to LiveSide Stickers Around the World!, so LiveSide is “in the hood”!


OK so make LiveSide proud, create a collection (hey I had a lot of fun with the stickers collection, it’s a good way to get to know Live Maps), tag it MyHood (and go ahead and tag it LiveSide, too), and get it to Steve, and maybe he’ll tell us what he’s up to!