Messenger Presence Feature – Coming Soon

MSN At Mix UK Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan gave us a first look at a new feature that’s coming soon, dubbed Messenger Presence. Users of the Web2Messenger service will already be familiar with the concept of this, as basically it means you can set up your account to allow anonymous messages from the web, which people would send to you from a “Messenger window” on your website/blog.

When the feature becomes available, you would go to the settings page on the net for it and select that you would like to enable this feature, you can then create the html that will go on your website/blog. This will allow people to see when you’re online and allow them to then start up a conversation with you.

So what does all this look like? This:

image002 image003 image004 image005

So from those we can see the procedure that has to be taken for someone to start a conversation with you using the web client on your website/blog. But what does that look like from your end?


We get an anonymous addressed contact sending you a message. What you can then do is start having a full conversation with this person if you choose:

image007 image008

Now, this isn’t going to be for everybody. Because you will be allowing people to start a conversation with you via the web you are opening up your Messenger service to show your presence Anonymously and receive messages.

Update: Apparently this will be called Messenger IM Control