Windows Live Platform: Interview With Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan

At MixUK this week, I got a chance to sit down with Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan who are both very much involved with the Windows Live Platform. It was an interesting chat, finding out some new information, so take a listen. The breakdown of the interview is as follows:

00:15 – Intros
01:04 – What’s been at Mix UK
01:51 – Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live
05:20 – What is Windows Live Data? (Can you spot my deliberate mistake)
09:30 – Future APIs? SkyDrive perhaps? REST vs SOAP vs ?
12:13 – Public knowledge of the Windows Live Platform and the WL Developer community
17:10 – Visual Studio Toolkit for Windows Live
18:58 – Closing up.

What really got my attention was the Toolkit that is coming for Visual Studio, it’s great to see something like this being done, and hopefully makes it that bit easier for developers to leverage the Windows Live Platform.

For the first time, we are also letting you listen to the interview from within this blog entry and we are doing this using Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live. I have also included "chapter" points in the audio, so pressing the skip button (next to the stop button) will take you straight to the points mentioned above. (Watch out for a post later showing just how I went about doing all this).

Listen: LiveSide with Danny Thorpe and Angus Logan.mp3, Duration: 19:56, Filesize: 9.12mb