Windows Live Wave 2 launch in November says Microsoft France

At a briefing given to French press yesterday about Microsoft’s calendar year so far, Laurent Delaporte VP for Microsoft France kindly gave the Windows Live Wave 2 launch as November 2007. This will include the following:

  • Software – Messenger 8.5, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Family Safety
  • Services – Hotmail, Events, Skydrive and Live Search 2.0
  • Mobile – Nothing until 2008

Interesting is the inclusion of Windows Live Events availability, though there have been several hints in the past few weeks that it was approaching. To recap:

“Windows Live Events will enable users to share and plan different types of Events happening around them in compelling ways while collaborating with other services like calendar [and] spaces.”

In layman’s terms, the service will allow users to plan and manage their own events, add them to their Space, receive Alerts and eventually integrate with other Windows Live services such as Calendar. If you’re a Facebook user the concept shouldn’t seem too strange, however the integration across services will be a key strength.

So according to Monsieur Delaporte, Skydrive will go v1 in November, Windows Live Events will make an appearance by then, and with Searchification happening on September 26th, the public beta for Live Search 2.0 looks to be only 2 months at most. We all know which service he didn’t mention! (hint) Looks like we’re in for a busy few months :)