Windows Live teams up with Sprint for Mobile Search

Microsoft is set to announce the next chapter in their partnership with Sprint tomorrow.  Customers will be able to use Windows Live Search to perform location based searches, utilizing the built in GPS capabilities of Sprint phones.  I can see this as being really useful since I already use their Windows Mobile based search application a ton on a phone without GPS.  When your phone knows where you are, it makes searching that much easier.

The second part of this announcement is that Microsoft is using technology from the recently acquired Tellme to allow users to just speak their searches.  This could be a big time saver, depending on how good the voice recognition and will at least cut down on the distraction of searching and driving (what, am I the only one who does that?).

Brian Arbogast, VP of Mobile Services said on the announcement, “The location based and voice technologies we’re delivering today with Sprint are a first in the US mobile industry.”  From what I see here, this has the potential to be a really cool and useful application, although we’ll have to wait for some Sprint customers to report back on their experiences.

This new functionality will be available to all Sprint customers tomorrow at no additional cost.