Windows Live WebMessenger goes into dogfood

Beta is the new pass̩, and dogfood is where its at. Calendar and now WebMessenger are now both in dogfoods that are running on external urls (you have to be signed up to the internal dogfoods in order to load the products Рie you need to be a Microsoft employee).

Here’s the tiny WebMessenger shot from the homepage (with the new Windows Live Wave 2 UI)

Judging from the screenshot it seems like Windows Live WebMessenger adds Personal Status Message integration, tabbed conversations (ok so they are stacked vertically in a “conversation workspace”) and display picture options, though those are already available from most Wave 2 Windows Live services, such as Spaces.

Unfortunately it sounds like the WebMessenger team is actually less progressed than the Calendar team, so don’t get your hopes up for a beta anytime soon. Hey, at least it’s in the works though.

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