Introducing (ahem) Windows Live Translator beta

Andrea Jessee, a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft Research Machine Translation Group, has somewhat belatedly but thoroughly posted on the Windows Live Translator beta.

Andrea highlights some of the features of the “Bi-Lingual Viewer” which didn’t get much press when a number of sites stumbled upon the Translator last week.  In addition to the side by side view, Translator includes a Top/Bottom View, and two very interesting views showing “Translation with hover original” or “Original with hover translation”:

You can choose which method to use (after supplying a url and clicking “translate”) in the upper right hand corner of the Bi-Lingual Viewer:


which pops up a paragraph by paragraph translation of the site:


According to the post, Windows Live Translator will be offered from within Live Search:

Live Search will soon be exposing “Translate this page” links on the results page for search results which are in a language that is different from the user’s system language (provided that the required language pair is available from our service).  When you click on a “Translate this page” link, the web page will be opened in the Bilingual Viewer (in side-by-side view or the view you selected during your last viewing session).

The team is actively looking for feedback, and some help:

Some of our translation results (usually for computer-related content) are based on training our translation system on large amounts of bilingual text. The more bilingual or multilingual text we can train our system on, the better our translation quality will become. If you have large amounts of translated text in any subject domain, which you would be willing to share with us, please click here to let us know.

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