Microsoft acquires “comparative shopping engine”

jellyfish The Live Search team posted today to welcome in their new colleagues from Madison, Wisconsin,  According to the Jellyfish website, Jellyfish is a “new kind of search engine” (aren’t they all?):

What is

Jellyfish is a new kind of search engine. We call it the Internet’s first buying engine. Search engines are great for finding information, but we think you also need a search engine that is perfect for when you want to buy something online.

Enter Sure we make it simple for you to find the right product from a trusted merchant. But we also do something really different too: We share our revenue with you. Think of us like a Robin-Hood-like search engine that takes a percentage of the revenue you generate through your buying activity and redistributes it to you. I bet your search engine has never done that!

Incredibly Easy, Amazing Promise

You use just like you would any other shopping search engine to find the right product at the best price. But when you actually buy something from a store in our engine, we share at least half of what we earn by connecting you to that store. All you need to do is sign up for an account to earn cash back. There are no fees or hidden charges.

Of course its too early to tell what Live Search will do with, and whether or not Shopping on Live Search will implement any revenue sharing  opportunities, but it does show that Microsoft continues to invest in the search space.