Office Live Workspaces: Our interview with Kirk Gregerson


Office Live Workspaces, announced on Monday and set to go into beta in December, will provide workspace manipulation and storage from within Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and integration with Outlook), and a web browser interface with a viewer for those Office files (and .pdf), and an ability to comment, along with rich list making capabilities that will synch to Outlook Tasks, Contacts, and Calendar.


Office Live Small Business (formerly Office Live) is one of the fastest growing Small Business services on the web, with over 450,00 domains registered in two years.  Office Live Workspaces is set to become a feature of the free Office Live Basic service.

I talked to Kirk Gregerson, Director of Product Management for Office for Consumers and Small Business, about the upcoming beta:

  1. Introducing Kirk Gregerson, and Office Live Workspaces
  2. What is Office Live Workspaces, and what is Microsoft Office Online?
  3. How does it work? Kirk talks about Workspaces within Office
  4. Office Live Workspaces in the browser
  5. Kirk explains the commenting process
  6. How collaboration works: a check-in metaphor
  7. 2 different interfaces
  8. Store many types of (non-Office) files
  9. What’s the relationship to SkyDrive?
  10. Workspace size explained: 500mb limit
  11. What versions of Office will work with Workspaces?
  12. Integration with Office Live Small Business
  13. Beta information – begins in December (sign up now)


LiveSide with Kirk Gregerson – Office Live Workspaces.mp3 (9.2mb – 19.38 minutes)

Update: We talk about being able to add comments to non-Office files, and I just got word that this is indeed possible.