POP3 on Hotmail Explained: we talk to Omar Shahine

POP3, a protocol for getting email from a server to a client, has been around a long time, but it hasn’t been generally available for Hotmail users. With the advent of so many different devices (think iPhone), however, a POP3 story is in the process of being added so that users of Hotmail will be able to access their mail through POP3.

Omar Shahine, a Lead Program Manager for Hotmail, announced this somewhat esoteric advance recently on the Windows Live Hotmail blog, and when I was in Mountain View for Searchification, I was able to take a few minutes and talk to Omar about POP3.

With the help of Waggener Edstrom, we found the noisiest room in all of Mountain View (I think we were actually inside the air conditioning system) – just kidding, Jim!, and talked to Omar about Hotmail and POP.

  • Chapter 1 – Omar introduces himself
  • Chapter 2 – Why doesn’t Hotmail offer POP currently, and why is it needed?
  • Chapter 3 – Why DeltaSync is desirable
  • Chapter 4 – Hotmail has always had a POP interface
  • Chapter 5 – We want to give POP to everybody
  • Chapter 6 – POP isn’t a fantastic user experience
  • Chapter 7 – iPhone
  • Chapter 8 – IMAP
  • Chapter 9 – MSN Premium

(if you don’t have Silverlight, you can get the .mp3 here):

LiveSide with Omar Shahine POP.mp3