Ramping up for Windows Live Events (and maybe Groups too?)

Remember the Wave 2 launch dates given last month by Microsoft France? It seems that Windows Live Events could be just around the corner after a link to the service  was spotted in a Live Search cached page. What makes this all the more interesting is the cached version of Spaces was running on build 1347, the current build running on spaces.live.com is only 1345.

Our friends over at Wagged have also been a little jumpy recently, conducting searches for Windows Live Events to see what information is already out. It seems like they are definitely ramping up for something over in Redmond.

And while we’re on the topic of Spaces, there’s also been some chatter on an MSN Groups upgrade to Windows Live Groups. The Wikipedia entry on it is well worth reading, thanks again to Live Search doing a great job in caching the non-public facing Groups homepage. Rock on the Live Search team.