Office Live Small Business: our interview with Michael Schultz

olsb With 450,000 domains in use with Office Live (now Office Live Small Business), its becoming clear that there is a market for a connected set of services helping small businesses to establish, maintain, and grow a web presence.  We talked with Michael Schultz, U.S. business and marketing lead for Microsoft Office Live Small Business, about small businesses and their website presence, about SEO and SEM, and some partnerships they have developed, specifically with The Search Agency and WebSite Pros.

You can listen to the Silverlight streaming version here, with chapter markers:

  1. Why change the name to Office Live Small Business?
  2. Three versions: Basics, Essentials, and Premium
  3. Most of the customers start out with Basics
  4. The value for customers with everything (domain, website building and management, SEO and SEM) all in one place
  5. Small businesses want to focus on their business more than website management
  6. Search Engine Marketing described
  7. Search Engine Optimization: Science and Art
  8. The Search Agency and three levels of help: Do It Yourself, Get some help, and Have it done for you.
  9. What’s coming up?  Users want help to promote and market their business.

Interview with Michael Shultz on Office Live Small Business:

or listen to or download the mp3 8mb.