Spaces, SkyDrive, Events: Changes in the works

Looks like some of the changes we’re expecting are starting to roll out in Spaces land – new SkyDrive integration, a changed Spaces “What’s New” page, and more Events sightings (although no sign of the product itself, yet).

Jamie T. spotted a number of the changes and features them in two posts on his Spaces blog: In the post New Spaces home page, Jamie points out a number of Facebook like features that we’re not seeing here, yet, including updates to blog entries, upcoming birthdays (more on that in a bit), new friends of friends including an “Invite as friend” link, and a whole series of changes around SkyDrive.  We’re not seeing all of the changes here, yet, but on our LiveSide Spaces site we do have a new link to SkyDrive from the “What’s New” page

(Update: doh, looks like the SkyDrive/Spaces integration has been around for a bit – maybe I should read LiveSide ;).  There is more to say on this subject, stay tuned):


…and a corresponding module on our Spaces site itself:


Jamie also points out a link to Events that again he is seeing but we aren’t here yet, a link to create an Event from the upcoming birthdays box:


Stay tuned to LiveSide for the latest on some pretty cool new stuff coming our way soon.