Windows Live announcements: Windows Live Events launched; SkyDrive goes to 1GB – Our interview with David Fortin

Windows Live Events, set to launch at the time of this posting, 5pm PDT (Redmond time), is a new feature of Windows Live Spaces that makes it easy to create, manage, and share events using Windows Live Spaces.  Here are some of the highlights of Events:

  • Create an event with a single set up page, and customize it with more than 100 templates as well as Windows Live Spaces modules
  • Invite guests to the event, using Windows Live Messenger contacts, or invite non-WL ID users by using their email address
  • Live Maps integration to show location and directions to the event
  • Send out customized invitation emails with links so invitees can view, collaborate, and share photos etc.
  • Integrate with user calendars, using 3rd party calendar protocols, including iCal
  • Manage discussion lists
  • After the event, collect and share photos and comments: keep the event for posterity

While we are awaiting a peek at Events ourselves, it sounds like a promising tool.

For more on Windows Live, Events, and some changes in SkyDrive beta, including a move to 1gb of storage, and a promise that “storage in the long run is not going to be a concern for our users, I had an opportunity to talk with David Fortin, General Manager of Consumer Products for Windows Live.

The highlights

  1. What is Windows Live? An overview of the “set of tools to help people connect and share anywhere”
  2. Where SkyDrive fits in
  3. SkyDrive and the Windows Live Platform
  4. The journey starts with delivering individual benefits
  5. Announcing SkyDrive 1GB storage limit: “storage in the long run is not going to be a concern for our users”
  6. Large storage numbers – really needed or a marketing ploy?
  7. Announcing Windows Live Events
  8. A quick tour of how to set up an event

download or listen to the interview via .mp3