Program to Windows Live Events? The Create Events API

Rob Dolin, a Program Manager on the Spaces team, posts tonite with an example of a programmatically created Windows Live Event:

API Details
The link should have taken you to an event create page with all of the specified parameters pre-populated.  Yep, it’s a long link, but it’s intended to show all of the parameters (most of which are optional.)  Here’s the link in a more read-able format:

As you can see, parameters are URL encoded.   The mapping parameters (mapType, mapZoom) are consistent with Virtual Earth.  Check out their interactive SDK for more info.


Dolin goes on to offer some ideas for potential uses, and a PS on RSS:

P.S. Publicly accessible events also include an RSS feed.  You can see this by adding /feed.rss to the event’s URL AND in additional to basic RSS elements like <title>, <link>, <description>, and <pubDate>; <geo> and <georss> elements are also included.

…read more on the Spaces Developer Platform blog.

With all of the talk about APIs (Application Programming Interface) and Microsoft lately, this is an interesting if not very well publicized development.  As of yet there’s no mention of this functionality on or in the Windows Live SDK.  Certainly that must be changing soon.

Thanks to ViaWindowsLive for blogrolling this, although unlike Angus we think you should keep on reading LiveSide, too 😉