Microsoft Live Labs Listas Technology Preview

Microsoft Live Labs have recently released their latest technology preview, Microsoft Live Labs Listas, a web-based application tool for the creation, management and sharing of lists, notes, favorites, and other such stuff. Listas provides you with a WYSIWYG which allows you to quickly and easily create/edit lists and share them with others for read or write – in sense a bit like a wiki. Listas reminds a little of – the internet clipboard.

Listas also features a Listas Community Section, in which you can find a number of highlights of the most popular and random items from around the community of public lists such as the most used tags, the hottest lists, and prolific contributors. Within the Listas Community you can also add other users lists or RSS feeds to your own Listas as well as adding users as freinds so you can quickly find them again.

Now the question is where could Listas progress to – could some kind of Windows Live Spaces intergration be the key?