Easy Way To Upload Silverlight Apps To Windows Live

image Back when I wrote about adding a Silverlight Streaming app to your blog, I showed you how to add the Silverlight app to your SLS account at http://silverlight.live.com/. Well, now there is an addon for Expression Encoder (thanks Angus) that will allow you to upload your app straight to your account from within Encoder itself.

Simply download the addon from Microsoft Downloads and install it. Go through the steps as stated before but this time, you will see an extra section in Encoder:


Fill in the details of your Account number and Key code (these can be found at http://silverlight.live.com/account/manage.aspx), and then you’re good to go, and just press Publish.

Once that has done, to get the iframe code (if you need that), then click on the down arrow, this will allow you to get the applications that you already have uploaded (including the new one you just did):


Now you can simply copy the code into your blog entry or website.