Windows Live Calendar Beta – Get ready!

Update: Windows Live Calendar beta has now launched. Check it out at or read our first review.

We haven’t talked about Windows Live Calendar for a while now, in fact our last post was about the start of the internal dogfood. Now we’re bringing good news – the public beta is just around the corner. In fact the team seems so keen to release into beta that the support and feedback pages are already up. Of course we’re excited too, Windows Live was announced two years ago and this was starting to become their very own Duke Nukem Forever. Only kidding guys.

So how does the info on Calendar Beta in these pages compare to the list posted ages back by Oren Sreebny? Pretty well in fact, here’s the basics of what we’re expecting to see:

  • Sharing though using the permission based Live ID approach, similar to Skydrive.
  • Sharing via RSS and ical.
  • Importing, both Outlook and .ical types
  • Reminders

We’ll post more on Calendar in the near future; this is definitely one product beta launch to be enjoyed.