Windows Live Developer Event In The UK

If you’re in the UK and interested in developing using the Windows Live Platform, then Microsoft are going to be hosting a developer event next Tuesday (6th November) at their Reading HQ.

From the event page:


Windows Live defines a set of services and components that can be used in your web applications, whether or not you use Microsoft’s server platform.  In this event we’ll show how to use some of those services in your own applications.

1. The Platform for the Web

In this session we look at a selection of Windows Live services and build them into an application.  We’ll look at the Windows Live Contacts API – really useful for social networking functionality but also a great example of what’s possible using the Windows Live Data service.  We’ll build maps into an application using the Virtual Earth map control.  We’ll let our users browse their photos using the Windows Live Spaces Photos control, and we’ll enable authentication in our app using Windows Live ID.

2. Silverlight Streaming, and Windows Live Search

Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live is an innovative service that allows you to host your Silverlight applications, including rich media content, for delivery to various client platforms.  In this session we’ll show you how to build a simple Silverlight application, encode some media content, and host it all with Windows Live.  We’ll extend the sample application to show you how you can leverage the Windows Live Search functionality too.

The speakers for the event are Mike Ormond and Martin Parry, so it promises to be quite good and informative. Unfortunately, due to prior engagements I will be unable to attend, but if you do attend, please let us know how you found it.