Windows Live Custom Domains renamed to Admin Center – New features added

Windows Live Custom Domains has today undergone its Wave 2 update that sees it renamed as Windows Live Admin Center, though the old url of still works. This name change reflects the wider array of features now offered by the service, which has transitioned from a hosted email service into a more complete Windows Live package. The update now allows those who manage a domain to redirect a subdomain to a Windows Live Space, a Windows Live Map of a location you specifiy, a Live Search page complete with custom macros or even a customised page. To see what this means, check out the urls we’ve redirected:

The new Windows Live Admin Center now allows co-branding of Windows Live sites. Users who manage a domain through Windows Live have the ability to add their own logo to the Windows Live Header, which is the same experience as that provided by Windows Live partners such as Verizon and Qwest.

Additionally this update extends the Windows Live @ Edu scheme to two new markets.

  • Windows Live @ Net enables IT managers to host their services
  • Windows Live Community builder allows communities to host their services

Although a basic service, Windows Live Admin Center does the job well and with the minimum of fuss. We’ve been using it as our mail service for over a year, as it allows you to use both Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Mail to manage your inboxes. What would be great to see is statistics for the redirected subdomains, showing just how many people are using your Windows Live pages. Maybe a redirect for your personal SkyDrive folder too. Any other improvement suggestions?