Windows Live Platform: our interview with Angus Logan

Angus Logan is the Senior Technical Product Manager for Windows Live Platform, a title he only dusts off occasionally.  Usually he’s too busy building out content for Windows Live Quick Apps, or creating cool tools like the Messenger IM control, or working with Chris Keating from Windows Live Gallery to build a gadget to add that IM control to Spaces.

We met up with Angus in a conference room in Red West A, where we talked about Windows Live Platform, complete with whiteboarding:


Angus talks about the 5 categories, or buckets, included in the Windows Live Platform, along with the Terms of Use:

  • Rich Media (Silverlight, Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live)
  • Storage and Sharing
  • Communicating and Staying Connected
  • Finding and Locating (Search, Virtual Earth)
  • Identity / Authentication

We talked about those five categories, took a high level look at the Windows Live Platform, talked about where the platform is and where it’s going, and spent some time talking about what’s coming up, including CES and Mix08.

Introducing Angus Logan 00:00
A higher level look at Windows Live Platform    00:51
Some possible uses for the IM control; more consumer tools coming    03:25
The 5 categories of Windows Live Platform services    04:31
Terms of use    09:36
What’s been announced, and what to look for    11:40
Platform focused on web developers, for now    15:17
“A large social network” gets some new stuff around December    17:02
The Windows Live Team at Mix08    17:39
On releasing tools as soon as possible    19:06
3rd party participation with the Windows Live Platform    20:22
On Quick Apps; lots more to come    24:06

Our interview with Angus Logan  (mp3 12mb  approx 25 minutes) (we’ll be adding the Silverlight streaming back in shortly, once we tweak a couple of things)