Windows Live on LiveSide: what we use

As you may have noted, LiveSide recently added the Windows Live Translator tool (tell us what you think). 

LiveSide WL

We actually use quite a list of Windows Live products at LiveSide, some we’ve been using for quite a while. So here’s our list, along with some notes on how the products are used, and some non Windows Live products we can’t seem to do without.

On the site:

Some more we’re toying with:

  • Messenger IM Control: easy technically to implement, a little harder to dedicate the time to chat – we’re thinking about this.
  • Windows Live Events: Should we have a LiveSide birthday party? (2 years in January).
  • Windows Live Calendar: Added a Calendar, but not much on it yet.

Managing LiveSide:

  • Windows Live Mail: For managing multiple Hotmail accounts so we can keep track of your tips and feedback.
  • Windows Live Writer: Using it to write this blog post.
  • Live Search Maps collections: 200 of our closest friends are on LiveSide Stickers Around the World!

Other tools we find useful:

  • Feedburner: manages our rss feed, provides statistical information on our rss readership.  Also manages rss ads, a nice bonus.
  • Google Analytics: website traffic information – we’re still waiting for a Gatineau invitation.
  • Community Server: We wish it was easier to maintain, and the featureset is overkill, but it has served us well.
  • Federated Media ads: We don’t make much money running LiveSide, but we seem to be keeping up with the bills.
  • Nick of NB Development: our CS guru, simply not possible for us to run on CS without some help, and Nick has been great.
  •  After tipping over a few times last year, we moved to 1and1, on Windows Server 2003 and a dedicated box, and haven’t had a problem since.