Microsoft launches OneCare 2.0 – or does it?

Microsoft announced in a press release on Wednessday night the release of OneCare 2.0, the latest version of the Anti-Virus/backup/computer maintenance offering from Windows Live.  Only now it’s Thursday night and is still offering up version 1.6.  Clearly something has happened, but whether its just some miscommunication between PR and operations (hey, it happens), or some last minute glitches are holding things up, we’re not sure.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the latest bits – but if you receive either an update to your retail 1.6 version or are able to download and install 2.0 from the retail site, let us know.  Leave a comment or, as always, tips and feedback are much appreciated.

Update: Thanks for the tips, guys.  Looks like OneCare 2.0 is available for download – have at it.  Anyone seeing upgrades from v. 1.6?