Why the Messenger v9 post was removed

So we took down the Messenger v9 post which we just made. If you missed it, it contained the feature list for the build which was made available to some testers earlier today, after the invites were sent out last night. As the list was posted elsewhere first, it has been removed as a courtesy to the beta team rather than a requirement.

Unfortunately for those not yet accepted into the beta, we’re not allowed to give any reason or explanation for what the status of the beta is (that is still confidential). Its a holiday weekend in the USA too, so this won’t change until next week. Suffice to say, confusing potential beta testers / enthusiasts by not providing them the courtesy of an update doesn’t sit well with us, at all.

What makes this a pointless exercise is that if anybody really want to see the feature list, its already cached in Google’s search index.