MSN/Windows Live to remain at Red West, says Seattle Times

Ben Romano, a Tech writer for the Seattle Times, has an interesting tidbit in Tech Tracks today, that MSN and Windows Live product teams will not be moving from their home in what’s known as Red West, a Microsoft satellite campus a few miles northwest of the main Microsoft campus in Redmond.


Red West, as rendered in Live Search Maps 3d

Apparently there had been rumblings that at least part of the MSN and Windows Live teams would move to a new complex in Bellevue (about 7 miles from Redmond, both cities are east of Seattle and Lake Washington), but partly because the new Advanta facility would not accommodate all of MSN/Windows Live, the decision was made not to move.

“It’s true that the [MSN/Windows Live] group was considered to be the candidate to move to Advanta, but is not moving to Advanta,” writes Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos in an e-mail. “… The reason is that, ultimately, it was decided that a move to Advanta would actually split the group. Not of all them would move. So they’ll stick together at RedWest. No word on which group may move to Advanta, though, as is the case in all of this activity, a number of scenarios are being considered.”