Live Search survey hints at upcoming changes

We love product team surveys. Not only do they give users the chance to give feedback on a wide range of areas, they often contain leading questions about where the product could be heading. Today’s product team survey is brought to you from the nice people over at Live Search.

As well as asking for feedback on the various vertical search engines the new Live Search contains, like Health, Video and Shopping, there are a few bits that caught our eye. Note the bolding isn’t ours, that’s part of the survey.

  • searching online to plan for a trip or vacation
  • searching online for news
  • What tools could a search engine provide to enhance the look and feel of the initial search page and the layout of the results page?

Any thoughts on the above? If you’ve filled out the survey let us know what you said. The travel vertical search engine is particularly intruiging, as combining this with the new video and image search could give a powerful combination.

Providing a realtime news search site is something Live Search doesn’t currently offer, the existing news search has been around since MSN Search days and just doesn’t do the job. Google News is by no means perfect though, so a decent product here could put Live Search ahead. Here’s a small part of what we’ve seen a few months ago, pre the new September release.

There’s also a mention of a new News site in the Calendar Beta page on – PicturePan2 spotted it in the Wave 2 header below. The plot thickens, maybe we’ll see something in the next Live Search update, scheduled for early next year.