Microsoft Online Services @ CES 2008 keynote – Not much to report

For those who missed the CES 2008 keynote, Bill Gates’ last, you didn’t miss much in respect to Windows Live. Nathan Weinberg liveblogged it, with the main appearance being a demo Windows Live Calendar, Events, Photo Gallery and Spaces. As you’ve probably noticed by now, these are a conncted set of services that work well together. Not much more to really say here except that the official press release doesn’t even mention Windows Live once, so really this was just a token “show and tell” from Microsoft.

Silverlight also got a mention, as MSN and NBC combine to bring the 2008 Beijing Olympics to a US audience at Promising over “3000 hours of live and on-demand content”, this portal should help drive both Silverlight adoption and MSN traffic in the second half of the year.

Apart from a mention of the voice command technology Microsoft acquired with TellMe, found in the Live Maps application for mobile devices, there wasn’t a lot else happening for online services. If you want some new and exciting stuff, stay tuned for Mix08 in March.

(Keynote on-demand: 100K, 300K, 750K)