Send Live Search Maps info to Garmin GPS through MSN Direct

<A style="FLOAT: right; BORDER-BOTTOM-WIDTH: 0px; BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px" href="/blogs/main/WindowsLiveWriter/SendLiveSearchMapsinfotoGarminGPSthrough_123EC/nuvi780_2.jpg" mce_src="/blogs/main/WindowsLiveWriter/SendLiveSearchMapsinfotoGarminGPSthrough_123EC/nuvi780_thumb.jpg" mce_href="/blogs/main/WindowsLiveWriter/SendLiveSearchMapsinfotoGarminGPSthrough_123EC/nuvi780_2.jpg" align="right" >nuvi780Among a number of partner announcements at CES, Garmin, Live Search Maps, and MSN Direct announced new functionality that allows Garmin GPS devices, including the new Garmin nüvi 780, to receive information from MSN Direct, including user input through Live Search Maps.  From the Garmin press release:

The enhanced dynamic content from the second generation of the MSN Direct network, which is also included on Garmin’s newly announced nüvi 880, includes:

  • Traffic conditions: receive up-to-date traffic incident and flow information for most metropolitan areas across North America, and let nüvi select a route that avoids traffic accidents, road closures, and construction. 
  • Fuel prices: receive gas price data from over 100,000 gas stations across the nation.  Drivers will always know where to get the best prices – and save time and fuel by using their unit to navigate directly to the station of their choice.
  • Weather reports: features current weather conditions (including high/low/current temperatures, chances of precipitation, humidity, pressure, wind, and weather alerts) as well as three day weather forecasts.
  • Enhanced movie listings: search for movies by title or by theater and receive show times, ‘star’ ratings, genre, actors, and more – and get driving directions to the theater.
  • Local events: receive special notices on festivals, concerts, and sporting events in your area, and navigate to them.
  • News and stocks: the latest news headlines and financial market updates are always at your fingertips.
  • Send to GPS capability: plan trips and look up destinations from the convenience of your computer, via Windows Live Local, and then wirelessly send locations to your nüvi 780.

Three months of free MSN Direct service is included with the purchase of the nüvi 780.  Owners can re-subscribe for $49.95 a year, or a one-time charge of $129.95.  For more information on MSN Direct services and coverage areas, visit

MSNDreceiverIf you have an existing Garmin device, Garmin offers the Garmin MSN Direct Receiver:

The MSN Direct Receiver accessory from Garmin comes with 12 months of free service from MSN Direct and is compatible with a variety of Garmin navigators.
Visit the Garmin website to view compatible Garmin navigators.

With a compatible device, you can then use Live Search Maps to send info via MSN Direct, according to the Virtual Earth / Live Maps blog:

Among the Virtual Earth news (stop by our booth if you’re at the show for more) is our announcement with Garmin that their latest Portable Navigation Devices can receive individual Waypoints (addresses, business listings, any pushpin) as well as entire Live Maps Collections sent from your PC or Mac. What is unique here is that you don’t need to physically connect your PND to your PC and it doesn’t need to have a connection to the internet as the data is transmitted over FM airwaves. This enables you to do your trip planning at home on your PC with Live Search Maps and when you are done select the new ‘Send to GPS’ menu to have your location information transmitted to your Navigation device automatically. Plan a vacation by building a Collection of all of the attractions, Hotels, and landmarks you want to visit, then with once click you’ll have them on your navigation system when you’re on the road.

Clicking on “Send To” in Live Search Maps opens up the dialog to set up the MSN Direct device: