All Angus, All the Time: more from our favorite Microsoft Executive, this time on Eye-Fi

Angus Logan, the Senior Technical Product Manager for Windows Live Platform, last year sent out some 30,000 emails.  If our inbox is any indication, he’s looking to beat that record by a large margin this year.  However, and especially since he’s known to Wired Magazine as a Microsoft Executive, we don’t want to ignore him as it will probably cause him to send us even more email, and we don’t know if Windows Live Mail can handle it.

(We’re just KIDDING, Angus!  Keep the emails coming!)

Anyway Angus’ obsession of the moment is Eye-Fi integration with Windows Live Spaces, and in spite of our joking around, it really is pretty cool news.  Angus (with some Windows Live help, acknowledged on his blog) worked with Eye-Fi, and using the Windows Live Spaces Photo API, got Eye-Fi working with Spaces:


You can read more on Angus Logan’s blog (or just wait for an email from him in your inbox, it shouldn’t be long), he’s got a great write-up on how the Eye-Fi integration works, and how using it with Windows Live Spaces offers privacy controls some of the other services don’t.  Check it out!

(See Angus?  We’re not haters!)