Windows Live QnA – remember them?

Hey there’s a new posting on the Windows Live QnA blog!  Except for one post with just a picture of a heart in October, there hasn’t been a post since August of last year.  Anyway, The post introduces "new" Senior Lead Program Manager, Heather Friedland, who says:

I’ll keep my first posting here brief but I wanted to respond to a few questions I’ve seen crop up on the QnA site lately.

Question #1, “What is the future of QnA?” One of the reasons why you haven’t heard from us on the team blog is because we are in meetings all day long, researching and debating the next set of features for the QnA site.  In this release, we hope to address and make improvements from the feedback we’ve seen around key problems and scenarios. While you may not always hear it from us, we do actively read and monitor the feedback we get from the QnA community to help us prioritize the fixes and features that would best improve your experiences moving forward.

And, in answer to Question #2, “Is there even a QnA team at Microsoft?” Yup – there is, indeed, a QnA team at Microsoft hard at work in the Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, California.

In case you don’t remember, QnA is the Windows Live "answer" to Yahoo! Answers, initially touted as a way to build a database of answers to questions not easily found by Live Search.  Yeah we see how well that’s going.  Well at least the team is hard at work in meetings everyday.