New Windows Live Community in China

Our good friend PicturePan2 has been working hard on a new project, a new Windows Live Community in China.  I asked him to write up a post on it, in English:

Hello everyone, I am Picturepan2 from LiveSino, also the LiveSide Representative to China. After weeks of work by our LiveSino Team, Windows Live Community was opened to public on Jan 23rd. And now I would like to introduce you some basic information about our Windows Live Community.

We establish the community for 4 main goals. It is worth noting that we will recognize MSN Community Influencers (awarded by Microsoft MVP Program Team) from the community. That is our great honor of having this opportunity. Other 3 main goals are listed below:

1. Make Windows Live and MSN more wonderful in China, and keep posting on Windows Live.

2. Help users to play with Windows Live products and find the solution to their problems.

3. Provide a strong communication platform for LiveSino/LiveSide visitors, Windows Live/MSN enthusiast, and Windows Live/MSN users.

After that, I am going to introduce the community infrastructure. We use Discuz forum platform (php + mysql) and the Theme IRIS which inspired from Windows Live Wave2. Because the live site is in Chinese, I’ll just walk you through 2 screenshots.

Community Homepage

Profile page

We have some Windows Live Services integration inside. Such as Windows Live IM Control, etc.



Last but not least, the domain is More news to come, stay tuned!

If you have thoughts on this post or Windows Live Community feel free to email me at picturepan2 – Thanks for all your attention. is continuing to grow and expand in China, we’re really proud of the hard work Picturepan2 and his compatriots have putting in on this project, and on  Congratulations!